Fully Automatic COLD HEADER MACHINE with New Vibrator Technology

Header Machine

About Best Cold Header Machine Manufacturer in India

The Fully Automatic Cold Header Machine is manufactured with premium quality by BS & Sons, which is one of the leading company in the industry. Their team, composed of skillful and experienced people, led it to become competitive on the crowded international market. That’s why the company’s products are widely known for their durability and extended functionality. The machines are produced by certified experts, using innovative and state-of-the-art technologies with quality-rich raw materials. All the resources and materials are directly supplied by respected and reliable vendors from the industry.

Fitted with Solid Die, the header machine is the perfect choice for producing various sizes of bolts. It requires little training for the unskilled labor, and the functions are fully automated. Because of that, this product enjoys great reputation among its consumers. Here are some facts derived by intensive testing on different key-performance parameters:

  • The machine stimulates performance by being easily operational;
  • A high quality steel has been used for the manufacturing process;
  • The entire system including all components has been created in a way to thermostatically balance the machine while operating, which simultaneously provides better temperature handling and prolonged functional life;
  • This cold header machines are featuring advanced and flawless functionality by providing high tensile strength and improved heat resistance;
  • The machine is well known for its durability, perfect accuracy and high performance.

The header machine has been created with the dynamics needs of the customers in mind, which is the primary objective of the manufacturer. That’s why it comes with highly affordable, industry leading price and tons of customization options that vary from one client to another.

Header Machines are available in different dimensions, sizes and specifications so that customers can easily integrate it with their existing operations and reach the machine’s optimal performance. To see the Full Technical specifications of the Cold Header Machine, Click Here  >>>


BS & SONS Manufactures Best High Quality Cold Header Machine in India. Give it a test drive today!